Stamp of Approval

A small collection of stamps are expected to sell for thousands of pounds in the Charterhouse auction of coins, medals, stamps, clocks and collector’s items in Sherborne on Friday 13th December.

“Although we live in a fast-paced computerised age, stamps collecting continues to be immensely popular with collectors.” Commented Richard Bromell. “Although I have had an interest in stamps for some 45 years I still find it fascinating looking through dusty albums when they

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Artists items at Auction

Items from the estate of the late Dame Elisabeth Frink are included in the Charterhouse two day 14th and 15th November auction in Sherborne, Dorset.

Born in 1930 Elisabeth Frink studied at the Guildford School of Art and the Chelsea Schools of Art. Although she produced many drawings and prints she is best known for her outdoor sculpture which include the Dorset Martyrs in Dorchester, Paternoster at Paternoster Square, London and Walking Madonna at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire.

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Beswick Brings in the Bidders

A collection of Beswick porcelain figure sold for over £24,000 in the Charterhouse two day October auction.

“It was a fabulous collection which adorned every nook and cranny in a bungalow up in Darlington, North Yorkshire.” Commented Richard Bromell. “Despite being over 300 miles away the owner had seen the constant high prices we achieve for Beswick and instructed Charterhouse to auction the entire collection.

Beswick was formed in 1894 by James Wright Beswick and his two sons John and Gilbert in Staffordshire. They were chiefly known for the production of high quality horses, cattle, dogs, cats, birds and other figures which remain hugely popular with collectors today.

Highlight of the Beswick collection was a

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Executive Choice

A 1960’s Ford Zodiac Executive is one of the star motors in the Charterhouse auction of classic and vintage cars on Sunday 3rd November.

“Ford cars from the 1960’s used to be a common sight when I was growing up.” Commented Matthew Whitney. “But today they are a rare sight with the range topping Zodiac being even more unusual to come across.”

The 1964 Ford Zodiac Executive in the Charterhouse auction was the upmarket

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Projects Galore at Classic Car Auction

Classic car buffs often look to the long winter months to take on new projects and in the Charterhouse auction of classic and vintage cars they have unearthed an eclectic selection of cars needing work.

“The November classic and vintage car auction includes some fine vehicles including a much pampered Jensen Interceptor, a fast road MGB roaster and a beautifully presented Morris Minor convertible.” Commented Matthew Whitney. “However, it is often the restoration projects which get the bidders going and we certainly do have a choice of projects for all abilities!”

The Charterhouse specialist classic car auction, being

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Elixir of Life at Charterhouse

A bottle of Chartreuse is expected to sell for £1,000 in the Charterhouse November 14th & 15th two day auction in Sherborne.

“It is amazing to think that this bottle of Chartreuse, which has been around for decades, has never been opened.” Commented Paul King, Charterhouse wine expert. “Personally, I am not sure I could resist the temptation to open and try it for that length of time!”

Chartreuse was originally created in 1605 by French Carthusian Monks using a recipe for

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Country House Look

The owner of a large Dorset country house has had a sort out and entered hundreds of pictures into the Charterhouse two day October auction of pictures, sporting items, Beswick and antiques.

“The owner has been an avid collector for many years having bought many of the pictures from galleries, exhibitions and auctions including Christies and Charterhouse!” Commented Richard Bromell “Despite having plenty of wall space to hang the pictures on, many were stored about the property and the owner has now decided to clear the decks.”

Pictures from this country house date from the 18th to 20th centuries. There are portraits, views of rural life,

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Mad Looking Moggies at Auction

A painting and collection of postcards by cat loving artist Louis Wain are in the Charterhouse auction of collectors’ items on Friday 20th September in Sherborne.

“It is difficult not to smile at Louis Wain pictures.” Commented Richard Bromell. “His style has never been recreated by any other artist successfully and today his drawings, books, postcards and other illustrations are collected worldwide. Such is the continued interest in Louis Wain that Benedict Cumberbatch will be staring as Louis Wain in a film which is currently in production.”

Louis Wain, born in 1860, is known for his drawings of anthropomorphised large eyed cats and kittens. He started drawing cats when he adopted a stray cat which he named Peter.

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Charterhouse to hold Historic Motorcycle Auctions at the IOM Classic TT

The Isle of Man Government’s Department of Enterprise has signed an agreement with Charterhouse Auctioneers in Dorset to be an official partner of the Classic TT Races presented by Bennetts.

The partnership includes Charterhouse running an auction of historic, vintage & classic motorcycles at the Classic TT races from 2020. The first auction is scheduled to take place during the August Bank Holiday weekend in 2020 in a specially constructed venue in the Classic TT

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Pilots Medals at Auction

A group of World War Two medals, including a Distinguished Flying Cross, are included in the Charterhouse September auction of collectors’ items in Sherborne.

“The market for medals remains strong.” Commented Richard Bromell. “The medals come to auction from his late wife’s estate and as there are sadly no living relatives the executors instructed us to sell them.”

The medals were awarded to Flight Lieutenant Arthur Slinn RAFVR. They comprise a Distinguished Flying Cross, a 1939-45 Star, a France & Germany Star and a War Medal. In addition, there is his Pilot’s Flying Log Book, various letters, documents, notes and photographs.

During the war, Ft Lt Slinn flew a broad range of aircraft. These included Wellington and

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