Collectors Watch Lots

Two watch icons are going under the Charterhouse hammer in their online auction of watches, silver and jewellery on Thursday 4th February.

“The market for watches, silver and jewellery remains strong at auction. With our auctions continuing online buyers can see exactly what they are bidding on. This combined with multiple images and plenty of demand results in high prices despite the national lockdown.” Commented Richard Bromell.

Rolex and Omega are famous high end watch brands and have had a long time association with James Bond.

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Old Master Draws in the Bids

 An old master drawing is off to a new home in Paris having sold for £16,000 in the Charterhouse two day January auction.

“Bidding across all sections was frenetic despite the lockdown and a global pandemic.” Commented Richard Bromell. “We initially thought the small old master drawing could sell for a thousand or two, but there was plenty of pre-sale interest with both online and telephone bidders. Towards the end of the bidding, it was a two way battle between two French buyers and it eventually sold for £16,000 to a bidder in Paris.”

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Micro-Mosaic is a Big Brooch

An oval brooch, decorated the Doves of Pliny in micro mosaics, is one of the lots being sold by Charterhouse in their February 4th & 5th two day online specialist auction of silver, jewellery and watches with antiques and interiors.

“The market remains strong for silver, jewellery and watches despite being in a national lockdown.” Commented Richard Bromell. “Collectors and dealers are always hungry for good lots such as this beautiful brooch. With bidding live online via the internet our auctions are easily accessible and this combined with our in-house post and packing service results in a swift and easy delivery service worldwide.”

The oval brooch, which measures 5.5 cm wide originates from Italy circa 1905. Made of micro mosaic it features the Doves of Pliny made from tiny pieces of hardstone. The original Doves of Pliny image comes from a Roman floor mosaic discovered in 1737 at Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli, which in turn is believed to be a copy of a lost ancient Greek mosaic at Pergamon.

The brooch, being sold by a collector near Taunton, is in a gold mount having survived two world wars and numerous owners remaining in beautiful condition. In its original fitted box, retailed by Charles Frodsham in Bond Street, London, it is estimated by Charterhouse to sell for £600-800.

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Modern Art at Auction

Two collections of modern art are going under the Charterhouse hammer in their two day Thursday 7th and Friday 8th January auction.

“Usually I am much more a fan of traditional art, but I cannot help but like some of the modern art we have in the January auction.” Commented Richard Bromell. “When I first started work in the 1980’s, Victorian watercolours were the height of fashion but today they have been overtaken in popularity by some of the more modern and gritty art produced.”

Although there are paintings in the auction from the 17th century onwards, Charterhouse are expecting high levels of interest and strong bidding on the modern art collections.

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Top Cat

A 1992 Jaguar XJS is going under the Charterhouse hammer in their specialist auction on classic cars and motorcycles in February.

“This car was a top of the range boulevard cruiser when new.” Commented Richard Bromell. “Costing nearly £50,000 it was just less than I paid for my first house back then!”

Jaguar is one of Britains best loved motoring manufacturers and is a name synonymous with luxury. In the 1950’s Jaguar introduced the marketing line “grace, pace and space” which continues today.

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Prized Pair Come to Charterhouse

*** Christmas Opening Hours***  We will be closed for the holidays from Thursday 24th December, and will re-open on Monday January 4th. We wish all of our customers a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year 2021 ***

A pair of oil paintings of a prized bull and cow are included in the Charterhouse two day auction on 7th & 8th January.

“Animals are a perennial favourite at auction and this pair of cattle will generate interest not only from farmers but also collectors, interior designers and decorators such is their charm.” Commented Richard Bromell.

Painted by Freda Nellie Skinner they are of a prized Champion Devon Red bull and a cow. Freda Skinner was born in 1911 and grew up on a farm. She painted both cattle when she was just eleven and twelve years old.

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Jewellery being sold for Yeovil Breast Cancer Unit Appeal at Charterhouse

Included in the Charterhouse three day December auction in Sherborne is a beautiful rainbow sapphire bracelet, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Yeovil Breast Cancer Unit Appeal.

“The owner, a retired Doctor, was inspired to fundraise having seen the support the nation has given the NHS during the lockdowns.” Commented Richard Bromell. “In the end, she decided to support the Yeovil Breast Cancer Unit Appeal who are looking to raise £2 million for a dedicated breast cancer unit at Yeovil Hospital and asked us to auction a favourite piece of her jewellery to benefit this important appeal.”

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Mammoth Three Day Charterhouse Auction

Charterhouse Auctioneers in Sherborne have been working hard behind closed doors following government guidelines putting together the final touches on their three day December online auction.

“We were fortunate to have plenty of work to get through which was with us before the start of lockdown.” Commented Richard Bromell. “This combined with our October auction which was postponed has resulted in a whopping three day online auction where collectors and those looking for unique Christmas presents will be able to bid, buy and have delivered in plenty of time before 25th December.”

First up, on Thursday 3rd December, there is a collection of walking sticks. The market for walking stick remains high and there are sticks estimated from £50 to £20,000. This collection is then followed on with nearly 500 lots of silver, jewellery and watches with lots from £30 to £30,000.

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Old Money

A small group of coins are expected to sell for a lot when they go under the Charterhouse gavel in their 3rd, 4th & 5th December three day online auction.

“We have had great success selling coins, medals, militaria and stamps over the decades.” Commented Richard Bromell. “But perhaps the biggest misconception in coins collecting is age means value as you can have a Roman coin worth less than £30 and a 2009 Kew Gardens commemorative 50p coin worth over £200.”

In amongst the coin section of the auction there is a small group of 7 gold coins valued at thousands of pounds.

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Diamonds are a Man’s Best Friend

With Christmas just around the corner there is a great selection of diamond and other jewellery in the Charterhouse three day auction on the 3rd, 4th & 5th December. (Originally postponed from November 5th & 6th due to UK lockdown, this auction will go ahead online, even if the lockdown is still in place)

“Diamonds are a man’s best friend when it comes to giving presents, at Christmas or in fact at any time of the year!” Commented Richard Bromell. “Over the decades I have sold many a diamond to a client as a present and at this time of year there are plenty of interested buyers bidding for lots as presents for a loved one.”

Going under the hammer in the Charterhouse jewellery auction is a large diamond solitaire ring. Measuring in at a huge 5.4 ct, the round brilliant cut diamond is set in 18ct gold. Given to the owner by an admirer several years ago, and having been valued for insurance at a staggering £100,000, this whopping diamond ring is estimated at £25,000-30,000. [EDIT sold for £26,000]

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