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Recipe for Success at Charterhouse

    An old hand written recipe book is to go under the Charterhouse hammer on Friday 11th April. “There is phenomenal interest in old recipe and cookery books, with celebrity chefs such as Heston Blumenthal trying recipes or taking inspiration from them to create wonderful new dishes. ” Commented Richard Bromell. “However, the recipes are not only for food, but for curing all sorts of ailments and painful dispositions, like a medical recipe book too. No doubt some of these recipes had an effect, but whether it was good or bad we will never know, but I certainly fancy some of the tasty pudding recipes! “The hand written book dates to the 18th century and is a compilation of recipes. Included are Lady Russel’s recipe For a Giddiness or Pain in the Head, Mrs Snellings recipe to make Hoggs Liver Puddings, and there is even Lord Pembroke’s recipe to make Port Wine, which seems to be an extravagant recipe including 8 gallons of genuine wine, 40 gallons of cyder (sic) along with some French Brandy! However, perhaps one recipe which is not for the feint hearted is Dr Waddenfield’s Remedy for Lunacy, which states it cured a Person of Quality!!Charterhouse is now accepting for their forthcoming spring auctions including a sale of pictures, prints, books and antiques on Friday 11th April and classic cars and motorcycles at The Royal Bath & West Showground on Sunday 6th April. For further information regarding these auctions, or to arrange a home visit, please contact Richard Bromell, Director at Charterhouse, The Long Street Salerooms, Sherborne, Dorset 01935 812277 or via email on info@charterhouse-auction.comRichard Bromell and extracts from an 18th century handwritten recipe book, going under the Charterhouse hammer on Friday 11th April £300-500Quick Links For further information regarding this article, please contact Richard Bromell, Director