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Buyers look to seal lots with Bids

    The Charterhouse auction of silver, jewellery and watches on 27th August also contains a collection of over 200 seals. “It is an amazing collection of seals which come in all shapes and forms. ” Commented Richard Bromell. “The Somerset vendor collected seals for a number of years having been looking for a hobby which was interesting and did not take up too much space. Over the years, they have been sourced and bought through auctions, the internet and even from car boot sales! “Seals have always been attractive to collectors and dealers. They can involved in signing off important documents or be very personal in closing a letter ensuring that no one can grab a peek at the contents.Charterhouse is now accepting further entries for their busy programme of summer sales including silver, jewellery, watches and antiques with a selection of wine, port & spirits on 27th August. Then there is an auction devoted to classic motorcycles and related items in their salerooms on 15th September, which is then followed with a two day auction with Beswick & Royal Doulton on the morning of Thursday 23rd September and medals, coins & stamps in the afternoon. The next day, Friday 24th, is another full day with clocks, collectors items, trains and model vehicles. To arrange a free home visit through out the West Country, please contact Richard Bromell, Director, at Charterhouse 01935 812277. 19th century French seal, initialed MM, with a large mother of pearl handle £150-200 in the Charterhouse auction on Friday 27th August