Thursday, April 10, 2014

All that Glitters is Gold at Charterhouse

A group of gold coins, worth thousands of pounds, are being sold by Charterhouse in their 2 day May auction.

“We were asked to a property near Yeovil to look at a few items which the clients were thinking of selling.” Commented Richard Bromell. “Their father was downsizing to a flat nearer to his family, and I came across the coins languishing in the bottom of an old jewellery box. They had recently asked two other valuers to look at the items and I was somewhat surprised to hear that neither attached any great value to the coins!”

Although it is not known exactly how the coins entered the family’s possession, they were keen on travelling and golfing holidays, so it is probable they were brought back from their travels abroad.

The gold coins, estimated at £4,000-5,000, include a George V sovereign, Mexican 50 and 20 pesos along with Maltese £50, £20 & £10 gold coins.

Charterhouse is now accepting for this forthcoming auction of silver, jewellery, watches and antiques on 8th and 9th May, closely followed by classic cars and motorcycles in June.

For further information regarding these auctions, or to arrange a home visit, please contact Richard Bromell at Charterhouse, The Long Street Salerooms, Sherborne, Dorset 01935 81227 or via email on

Golden delicious coins, being sold by Charterhouse Auctioneers in their May sale £4,000-5,000
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