White Glove Auction

The David and Ann Graves 59 lot collection of modern art was a sell out at the Charterhouse live online auction on Thursday 4th June where it totalled £31,360 on the auctioneers hammer.

“It was a fascinating collection of modern art carefully selected over the past 50 years.” Commented Richard Bromell. “There was fierce online internet bidding from across the UK, America and Germany as collectors tried to outbid each other.”

David and Ann Graves moved to Sherborne in 2013 where David liked to research

and write plays. Ann died in 2017 and was followed by David in 2019.

Ann Graves, nee Upton, met David Hockney in 1960 and by 1962 became his model featuring in many of his drawings and paintings. In the early 1970’s David Graves met Ann Upton through a mutual friend and they started living together. Graves, who was a sculptor and paper restorer, met Hockney at the opening night of Rakes Progress at Glyndebourne Opera where DH designed the set.

By the late 1970’s DG became DH’s assistant, later moving to Hollywood with him and in the early 1980’s began to appear in his drawings.

David and Ann married in Hawaii 1983 where Hockney was their “wedding photographer” creating a photographic collage of the occasion, along with drawings.

Art from the collection included a charming David Hockney cut out print from a Tate gallery poster. Hockney then mounted this on board writing an amusing presentation inscription to Ann and David on the back with a drawing showing them how to hang it. With telephone lines and internet bidders, this print of Little Stanley, one of Hockney’s beloved dogs, sold on the hammer for £5,000.

Two Polaroid photographs of Byron Upton, Ann’s son, taken and inscribed by David Hockney also proved very popular. Sadly Byron lost his life in an accident aged 16 in 1982, but the Polaroid’s were well admired and the two sold for £3,600.

Elsewhere from the collection, a David Hockney fax copy entitled Rococo sold for £2,200, a series of 26 Hockney fax photocopies sold for £2,800, a David Dawson colour photograph of David Hockney and Lucien Freud £760 and a small photograph of David Hockney, measuring just 7.5 x 5.5 cm, faded and in a battered little silver frame, sold for £400.

Charterhouse were delighted with the David and Ann Graves art collection being a complete sell out, which is also known as a white glove sale.

With strong bidding and high prices throughout the auction they are now working on their next auctions and accepting entries for their July auction of clocks, coins, medals, stamps and collectors’ items on 2nd & 3rd with classic and vintage cars on the 29th July and classic and vintage motorcycles in August.

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For further information and to enter items into the busy Charterhouse program of auctions contact Richard Bromell at Charterhouse, The Long Street Salerooms, Sherborne 01935 812277 or email images to Richard on rb@charterhouse-auction.com


David Hockney’s Little Stanley – front and back – sold for £5,000

Two Polaroids taken by and inscribed by David Hockey of Byron Upton sold for £3,600

David Hockney fax copy entitled Rococo sold for £2,800

David Dawson colour photograph of David Hockney & Lucien Freud sold for £780

Faded and battered little photograph of David Hockney sold for £400