To all of our valued customers

Over the last few days, we at Charterhouse have been listening to the UK government guidelines on COVID-19, as no doubt have all of you.

These are trying and difficult times, the most difficult since long before Charterhouse was established at the end of the last century.  There are measures we could offer – online auctions, timed auctions, so called no-contact valuations, but anything we offer will increase the movement of lots and thus contact between people. If you are selling something or if you are buying something through us, if we are clearing your house or carrying out a valuation, it will involve human contact in some form or other, whether by post or delivery, which is exactly what we have all been told to avoid.

It is with regret we feel we have to temporarily close, in order to comply with the government guidelines. The most important thing is the preservation of life.

We realise this means we will not be offering you the usual high standard of customer service that we strive to deliver. I apologise for this. Please bear with us, we feel this is a measure that we must do to save the lives of our staff, our clients, and many more besides.

We have a lot of exciting work ready to go the moment that the government says it is safe to do so. The year ahead will be good, once this is over. We have a great antique auction, lotted and ready, we have a classic car auction, catalogued and ready, and we have possibly our most exciting motorcycle auction to date, also catalogued and ready. These will all take place within a few days of the government lifting their current guidelines to stay at home. If you feel you would like to include items in these auctions, please email us with images at, and we will help. We will find it encouraging to know you have not forgotten about us, as we are raring to get back to work as soon as we safely can. Indeed you are free to contact us about anything by email, and we will reply as soon as we can, but please be aware this will take longer than normal.

Please stay safe, and stay well, and be assured of our very best wishes. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Richard and Abigail Bromell, and all of the staff at Charterhouse.