Classy Classic Jaguar Project

A 1948 Jaguar Mk IV  2½ litre saloon, which has been in the same ownership for 56 years, is estimated to sell for £7,000-10,000 in the Charterhouse auction of classic and vintage cars.

“I always find it amazing when clients have owned cars longer than I have been alive!” Commented Richard Bromell. “This Jaguar saloon has been a firm favourite for the owner who at nearly 80 years old has decided he will not get around to restoring the car and decided to let someone else take on ownership for the next 56 years.”

This Jaguar Mark IV rolled off the production line in 1948. The model came with three engine sizes, the 1 ½ litre, 2 ½ litre and 3 ½ litre with production running from 1935 to 1948 during which time just 6,281 2 ½ litre cars were made.

The Jaguar was bought by the owner, Mick, in 1964 for £45. It was used as a daily driver as he worked on the buses in London. In 1965 he met his wife and the car was also used for high days and holidays. Shortly after he met his wife he had a new set of brake shoes fitted. Sadly they were not correctly fitted and he went off the road and through a hedge.

Thankfully the car survived this adventure and he decided to re-spray the car. With his sister-in-law’s wedding just around the corner he was convinced by the garage to repaint it white rather than the gunmetal grey he knew, although the reality was it was a much quicker paint job for the garage!

The car continued to be used until 1975 when on a holiday trip to Kent from Croydon, the engine broke a piston and the car was taken off the road.

In 1987 Mick and his family moved to Dorset and brought the Jaguar too, with a view to undertaking a full restoration. Mick partially dismantled the car in his garage where it resided until it was dragged out for Charterhouse to inspect and value the car this year.

With the reality now that Mick and his family will not restore the car he has entered it into the Charterhouse online auction of classic and vintage cars on Wednesday 29th July, where it is estimated to sell for £7,000-10,000.

Charterhouse are now accepting entries for their auctions of classic and vintage cars on the 29th July followed by classic and vintage motorcycles on 27th August and their sale of.silver, jewellery and watches with a selection of wine, port and whisky on 6th & 7th August.

For further information regarding these auctions contact Richard Bromell and the team at Charterhouse, The Long Street Salerooms, Sherborne 01935 812277 or email images to Richard on


Mick with the 1948 Jaguar Mk IV he has owned since 1964

The 1948 Jaguar Mk IV 2 ½ litre saloon car at the Charterhouse auction on Wednesday 29th July £7,000-10,000