Charterhouse Valuations go Online

Although Charterhouse Auctioneers in Sherborne have temporarily closed to the public, following Government guidelines relating to COVID-19, their team of expert valuers are all at home with their laptops dealing with enquiries via email.

“This is where emails step in and we are able to continue advising, valuing and communicating with our clients.” Commented Richard Bromell

With many people staying at home, helping to protect the NHS and save lives, Charterhouse are inviting people stuck at home to email them with images of items they might like to include one of their future specialists auctions.

Charterhouse have been offering online valuations for many years. Perhaps the most interesting email received was a couple of years ago where a client emailed them with a photograph of his late father’s medals.

His father, Flight Lieutenant Richard Trevor-Roper, was sadly killed in action in action during World War Two. Serving in the RAF, he flew in Lancaster’s and in particular with Wing Commander Guy Gibson, Commanding Office of 617 Squadron where, as his rear gunner he took part in the famous Dam Busters raid over the Ruhr valley in 1943.

For his part in the Dam Busters raid, Richard Trevor-Roper was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. This was added to the Distinguished Flying Medal he had already been awarded.

The son, who emailed Richard Bromell with a couple of digital images of the medals, never knew his father. Having stored the medals and related items in a cupboard for decades he decided to find out what they could sell for and pleased to hear they could fetch £40,000-60,000 at auction.

Living near London, he arranged to enter them into a Charterhouse specialist auction of medals and militaria where he was delighted to see the medals sell for a staggering £140,000!

To learn the value of your medals, coins, jewellery, pictures, watches, Beswick, silver, antiques, collectibles, classic cars and motorcycles send images with a brief description to Richard and the team of experts at Charterhouse via


Richard Bromell with the Dam Busters medal group sold for the owner near London who contacted Charterhouse with an email enquiry.

The Dam Busters medals sold by Charterhouse for £140,000