Second World War Relic up for Auction

A Second World War Liberty ship launch bottle is one of the more unusual lots included in the Charterhouse two day specialist collectors auction in September. “In many ways it is quite a bizarre item to auction. During my 27 year auctioneering career, I have always regarded glass which has been broken into a thousand pieces as being of no commercial value, so this is a real change to put a broken bottle into one of my auctions! ” Commented Richard Bromell. “This is a fascinating piece of modern history. It is the first time it has ever appeared on the open market and is estimated at a modest £100-150. “The bottle, which is wrapped in a patriotic red, white and blue cloth, was used to launch the Liberty steam ship AR18 on July 8th 1944. Mrs R Millar, the vendor’s late mother-in-law, conducted the ceremony and was selected as her husband worked in the Admiralty. With the bottle, there are several photographs of the launch, the ship at sea, a few letters and a presentation mahogany box. AR18 was commissioned into the Royal Navy as HMS Diligence, a repair and maintenance ship. HMS Diligence was returned the US Navy in 1946, laid up at Suisun Bay and then scrapped in Karachi in 1973.Liberty ships were cargo ships built in the USA during World War Two. They were ordered by the British to replace ships destroyed by German U Boats to keep the war effort going and 2,751 liberty ships were built between 1941 and 1945. Although only designed for a lifespan of five years, many sailed on after the war and today there are still two left in service.Charterhouse is now accepting further entries for their busy programme of auctions including motorcycles and automobilia in September closely followed by model cars, stamps, postcards, clocks, coins, medals and collectors’ items also in September and then pictures and books in October.For more information regarding these auctions, or to arrange a free home visit, please contact Richard Bromell, Director, at Charterhouse, The Long Street Salerooms, Sherborne, Dorset on 01935 812277 or via email rbromell@charterhouse-auction.comPart of the launch lot estimated at £100-150:Mrs Millar swings the bottle to launch the shipHMS Diligence at seaCharterhouse member of staff James Butler with the launch bottleQuick Links
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Classic Car Auction is a Marathon

Charterhouse is well known for selling classic and vintage cars and motorcycles. Over many years, they have sold exclusive vehicles, many of which have been high end brands, but they also like to spice their auctions up with a variety of lots and their 21st July auction is no exception as two coupes are no doubt set to appeal to very different car collectors. “In the July auction, we have two classic car coupe designs. First up there is the sleek and iconic 1970 Jaguar E Type coupe, with its powerful 4.2 litre engine and never ending bonnet. ” Commented Matthew Whitney. “And then we have a 1974 Daf 66 Marathon coupe with its not so powerful 1.3 litre engine. However, to collectors, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and with this being such a rare little survivor combined with its recorded mileage of just 21,000 miles in nearly 40 years, it will have just as many admirers as the Jaguar. “Both this coupes are entered into the Charterhouse auction of classic and vintage cars being held in a marquee in the grounds of Sherborne Castle on Sunday 21st July. The Jaguar E Type is estimated at £20,000-25,000 and the cheeky little Daf 66 Marathon coupe £3,000-5,000.Charterhouse is now accepting further entries into the auction. To enter a vehicle into this important classic car and motorcycle sale, contact Matthew Whitney, Associate Director, at Charterhouse, The Long Street Salerooms, Sherborne 01935 812277, via email or log on to www.charterhouse-auction.comDavid and Goliath €“ the charming little Daf 66 Marathon coupe, which has previously formed part of a private museum collection, £3,000-5,000 and the Jaguar E Type coupe £20,000-25,000, both included in the Charterhouse auction on Sunday 21st July For further information regarding this article, please contact Richard Bromell, Director